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The finance industry in Japan has traditionally been dominated by domestic mega-banks, but is constantly evolving to present new opportunities. We have built strong relationships with all manner of financial institutions.

PAL has candidates who are sector specialists in positions across the front, middle and back offices. We also have exceptionally strong links across our financial IT, consulting, and strategy areas.

Our senior consultants have a minimum of 10 years’ experience working in Tokyo and across the Asia–Pacific region, and are comfortable communicating with our clients in English and Japanese.

Candidates in our robust network encompass senior leaders, managers, and specialists.

Why Choose PAL Finance?

  1. Speed and Accuracy
    PAL Finance is able to move quickly due to its team-based approach and in-depth understanding of top talent and market participants.
  2. Consultant Specialization
    PAL consultants have strong knowledge and experience working in specific areas of finance.
  3. Strong Research & Efficient Delivery
    We carefully yet quickly prepare a list of targets for each client, tapping into our network and years of accumulated research.
  4. Small Client Base
    PAL Finance works with select core clients to provide personalized service and ensure close relationships with managers across business lines.
  5. Industry Knowledge
    We maintain close communication with industry insiders and advisors, while staying abreast of market movements through news and social media.

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