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Since the founding of PAL in 2010, the company’s healthcare division has been a driving force behind its growth.

Our pool of candidates for the healthcare industry includes over 4,000 pharmaceutical and life sciences employees who have been met in person and upwards of 30,000 reachable individuals. On average, one candidate out of every six who are introduced by PAL Healthcare receives an offer from our clients. Of those, 36% are in clinical development, with sales and executive level candidates being the next two largest categories.

Specialty Fields

Why Choose PAL Healthcare?

  1. Speed and Accuracy
    PAL Healthcare is able to move quickly due to its team-based approach.
  2. Consultant Specialization
    PAL consultants have strong knowledge and experience working in specific healthcare fields.
  3. Separate Research and Back Office
    Our consultants devote their time to clients rather than paperwork.
  4. Small Client Base
    PAL Healthcare works with select core clients to provide personalized service.
  5. Industry Knowledge
    We maintain close communication with industry insiders and advisors.


Pharmaceutical clients are of primary focus for PAL Healthcare, with the majority of resources, relationships, and success being found in this area. We have been able to deliver the strongest candidates for our clients’ current needs thanks to our agile organizational structure and a team of consultants who are armed with years of first-hand experience.

We are at the forefront of industry trends in this dynamic market, such as the growth of medical affairs teams, in particular Medical Science Liaisons (MSL); changes in clinical development practices; the redefinition of marketing and business development functions; and the rise of health economics and bio-statistics.

Our candidates include executives and staff in clinical development, medical affairs, marketing and business development, and commercial excellence.


Japan is the second-largest market for most foreign medical device manufacturers, and it is also a key industry for PAL Healthcare. Our medical device team was created with the singular goal of serving this highly regulated industry, and they are well placed to assist clients ranging from small companies and new market entrants through to the largest medical technology companies in the world. We are able to meet the challenges our clients are facing, placing top-level, highly sought-after professionals across a wide variety of areas and functions.

Our network of medical device contacts is wide and ever growing, enabling PAL Healthcare consultants to find the right candidates in this competitive industry. Our medical device candidate database includes about 2,000 industry professionals who consultants have met, and more than 10,000 reachable candidates. These include executives and professionals in the fields of marketing, clinical affairs, education, regulatory affairs, quality assurance, technical service, logistics, operations, and business development.


Sales positions are a key focus for PAL Healthcare, in both the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Our team of consultants, one of the strongest in the industry, is focused solely on recruiting sales professionals. These recruiters are fully aware of industry trends and the movement of personnel within this fast-moving market.

Our team has a vast network of sales professionals ranging from staff to director level, many of whom are recognized leaders in their respective industries. We have assisted with sourcing key hires within sales divisions, and helped build sales teams from scratch. PAL Healthcare prides itself on differentiating itself from competitors by incorporating headhunting methods to find candidates, providing high-level consulting and education for candidates, and offering exclusive hiring solution services to preferred candidates.

Our robust networks of candidates include managers, directors, representatives, planners, and trainers.


The PAL Healthcare practice continues to help Contract Research Organization (CRO) service providers through our rich engagement with the healthcare sector. We recognize the industry trend toward outsourcing clinical development to CROs. PAL partners with leading CROs to expand and upgrade their talent portfolio, as well as facilitate the entry of promising CROs into the Japan market.

Our in-depth knowledge of the CRO business model and experience helping CRO companies overcome recruiting challenges distinguishes us from other recruiters. Our team efficiently brings truly qualified talent to our clients.

In addition to recruiting for companies providing traditional clinical monitoring and project management services, we also partner with CROs offering more niche services such as cardiac safety, medical imaging, and eClinical (trial automation technology).

Our database includes about 450 CRO candidates and 1,800 clinical development professionals (CRO and pharmaceuticals), all of whom we have met personally. These range across line presidents, division heads, managers, monitors, writers, consultants, and data, trial, business development, and project specialists.

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